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  • May 25, 2019
    WASHINGTON--The Pentagon will further beef up its military assets in the Persian Gulf to counter what U.S. officials have called "credible" threats from Iran, President Donald Trump said Friday.
    Some people may think of holidays as a time to get together with family and friends.
    A large asteroid nearly a mile wide that has its own tiny companion moon is set to whiz past Earth this evening. The so-called binary asteroid, known as 1999 KW4, will make its closest approach at 4:05 p.m. PT.
    SAN FRANCISCO ?(INT) - U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has blocked the Trump Administration from diverting military funding without congressional authorization to build the Presidentís border wall.
    SACRAMENTO--The California Highway Patrol, California Police Chiefs Association, and the Peace Officers Research Association of California announced Thursday they are no longer opposed to a bill that could change the way officers are allowed to use deadly force.
    Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi have in recent weeks passed some of the most restrictive abortion policies in the nation. But they have other things in common, too.
    INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ? Memorial Day has become a time of reflection and gratitude for the sacrifices of the nation's fallen soldiers.
    INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?The Memorial holiday weekend opened on a tragic note.
    IDYLLWILD ?(INT) ? Caltrans is getting a better handle on the scope of damage inflicted by winter and spring storms in the San Jacinto Mountains.
    INLAND EMPIRE - (INT) - May weather is being marked by weather extremes.
    SAN BERNARDINO ?(INT) ?A memorial service is planned Thursday for well-known auto dealer and long-time San Bernardino resident Chuck Obershaw.
    MECCA - (INT) - The eastern Coachella Valley is one of more than 300 areas across the state that lack access to safe drinking water.
    FONTANA ?(INT) ?The history of professional auto racing in the Inland Empire has taken another turn.
    RANCHO CUCAMONGA ?(INT) ?Criminal charges were filed Wednesday against two, former San Bernardino County sheriffís deputies for their involvement in an assault on an inmate.
    PALM SPRINGS ?(INT) - West Palm Springs has the second-highest share of same-sex couple households in the nation.
    ONTARIO ?(INT) ?The summer travel season opens Friday and Ontario International Airport is ready.
    INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?Summertime-job seekers may have a rougher time landing a paying job in the Inland Empire than in other parts of California.
    LAKE PERRIS ?(INT) ?Some water-contact sports at Lake Perris are being discouraged as the Memorial Day holiday approaches.
    INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?Surplus government food will be given out this month.
    INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?The opening of the spring weed abatement season is here.
    SOUTHLAND ?(INT) ?Undaunted by the highest gasoline prices in early 4-years, a record number of Southern Californians will be on the move for any Memorial Day weekend.
    SAN FRANCISCO ?California weather watchers have got plenty to talk about.
    SACRAMENTO - You may be excited about the Legislatureís plans for paper receipts.
    SACRAMENTO--The California Senate voted 33-0 Thursday to let pet owners 18 and older purchase medical marijuana for their animals.
    SOUTHLAND - (INT) ?Itís far from a bargain, but gasoline prices are edging downward for the closing days of May.
    SACRAMENTO--California lawmakers are considering proposals that would make the state the first in the nation to offer government-funded health care to adult immigrants living in the country illegally.
    SOUTHLAND - (INT) - The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA metropolitan area ranks near the top in the U.S. among the metros where the most retirees are leaving.
    LOS ANGELES ?(INT) - The Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan was finalized Monday.
    HOLLYWOOD - Eight years and eight seasons later, the ďGame of Thrones?cast finally has some downtime.
    After decades of rapid growth, the number of immigrants is leveling off.
    SACRAMENTO - (INT) - SSI recipients who may be eligible for CalFresh benefits (food stamps) can apply beginning June 1st.
    SOUTHLAND ?(INT) ?It looks like El Nino will hang around a few more months.
    SACRAMENTO ?(INT) ?A final Sierra snowpack survey for the winter-spring season puts the state in good water shape.
    The 72nd Annual San Bernardino County Fair is on a 9-day schedule of events in Victorville. It is the longest-running community fair and celebration of its kind on Historic Route 66. (INT)

    The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is preparing its first fare increase in a decade. The price of a general fare will be $1.75 while senior, disabled and veteran customers will ride for 75 cents. The RTA says rising operational costs, expanded service, and a state requirement that passenger fares pay a certain percentage of overall operational costs have forced the fare increase as of July 1st. (INT)

    Caltrans is spending $3.3 million for bridge rail replacements at two locations on Route 330 below Running Springs. One is at City Creek Bridge and the other at the East Fork of City Creek Bridge. (INT)

    Animal control workers are on a door-to-door canvass of neighborhoods in Yucaipa to make sure that all dogs are licensed and have rabies vaccinations. The campaign continues until July 13th. (INT)

    A new state-of-the-art community health center in Jurupa Valley opened this week. The center at 8876 Misson Boulevard replaces a small, aging clinic just down the street from the new location. Doctors say they are pleased the health center will remain accessible to nearby residents while expanding services to a greater number of people in the region. (INT)

    Riverside County Supervisors Tuesday approved new risk management controls aimed at driving down legal fees. The move will reduce the countyís future exposure to lawsuits, increase accountability and improve transparency to residents. (INT)

    Calfire paramedics responded Friday to the Union Pacific railroad tracks paralleling Indio Boulevard at Avenue 48 in Indio. A pedestrian had been struck and killed by a train. The victimís identity was not immediately known. (INT)

    Registered nurses at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs and Hi-Desert Medical Center in Joshua Tree will demonstrate at the two hospitals Tuesday urging management to invest in nursing staff. The nurses are urging improvement in the recruitment and retention of experienced RNs. (INT)

    Increasing passenger volume at Ontario International Airport soared by 5.2% the first one-third of the year. Delta Air Lines began daily, non-stop service to its Atlanta hub during April and a second roundtrip will begin in June. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines will also add new service next month to Houston and San Francisco, respectively. (INT)

    A UC Riverside research team has come up with a new approach to targeting cancer cells that circumvents a challenge faced by currently available cancer drugs. A cancer target is often a rogue protein that signals cancer cells to proliferate uncontrollably and invade organs. Modern cancer drugs have emerged that work by striking a tight bond between the drug and a particular amino acid called cysteine. (INT)

    Healthy marriages donít happen by accident. Marriage Matters Ministry is hosting a Marriage Workshop with Francis and Lisa Chan, Les and Leslie Parrott and comedian Michael Jr. East Hills Community Church in Riverside is a host site for this first-ever simulcast on June 2nd. For details visit marriagenight.org.

    More popular side roads in the San Bernardino National Forest are facing a prolonged closure in the wake of intense winter storms. The Forest Service says the closure of 22 miles of 1N09 between Highway 330 and Seven Oaks Road may last for a year. A similar closure has impacted Forest Road 1N45 (Santa Ana River Rd.) between Highway 38 and Glass Road in the Barton Flats area. Storm damage involves sink holes, mud and rock slides, cracked and undermined pavement and fallen trees. (INT)